Takeout Ten

Clive Public Library’s TAKEOUT 10

We are OPEN to the public, but do you wish someone would just find you a grab bag of delectable items to browse in the comfort of your home? Order a TAKEOUT 10 from the Clive Public Library today! Give the library staff a call at 515-453-2221 or fill out a request form below to place an order for a curated curbside pickup. We’ll serve up a stack of ten items for you to enjoy! Standard check out rules apply. Based on the information you provide, ten items will be selected for you by our staff members and placed on hold for your account. You should receive an email notification about the holds placed on your account within  24-72 hours. If you do not receive an email or notice the holds on your account by the end of 72 hours, please feel free to contact us to follow up to ensure that we've received the request.

Full Name:



Gender (optional):

Age - if youth, please include your reading level:

What materials do you want? E.g. books, DVDs, blu-rays, books on CD, magazines, etc.

What type of materials do you generally like? Please give us details - eg. fiction: mystery, romance, scifi, action adventure, etc.; nonfiction: cooking, politics (conservative or liberal), poetry, history (what era), science (what field), etc. Do you want stand alone books, or do you want to start a series?

Who are your favorite authors or artists? Have you read all or the most recent books by your favorites? Would you like for us to include the newest release for them, or do you just want something different? Is there anyone you'd like to try?

Any restrictions? E.g. nothing rated over PG-13, large print or paperback only, etc. Are there any authors you DON'T like?

General comments. Please be specific with details. The more information you give us, the better equipped we will be to make appropriate choices for you!