Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST)

Clive voters in both Dallas County and Polk County have approved the 1% Local Option Sales and Services Tax (LOSST) and stipulated how this revenue may be used.  Dallas County voters approved the sales tax increase in 2017, and Polk County voters approved it in 2019.  With LOSST, the total sales tax rate on eligible transactions in Clive is 7%. 

The Iowa Department of Revenue is a good resource for information, including what sales are subject to the local option sales and service tax.

In accordance with Iowa state law and the ballot measures approved by Clive voters, at least 50% of all LOSST revenue must be used for property tax relief.  Any remaining funds may be used for public safety facilities, street improvements, park and trail improvements, and stormwater management.  The City provides regular reports for the City Council and community outlining how much LOSST revenue has been received from Dallas County and Polk County and how it has been spent.

FY20 LOSST Receipts from Dallas County (July 2019-June 2020) = $1,144,520

FY20 LOSST Receipts from Polk County (January 2020-June 2020) = $942,770

Total FY20 LOSST Receipts = $2,087,290

 FY20 Funded Projects

FY19 Funded Projects in addition to the City's collaboration with the City of Urbandale on Fire Station 43:

  • Design and construction of Canary Park, one of Clive's newest neighborhood parks located at 3600 Berkshire Parkway.