Clive Strategic Plan

The Clive Plan
In 2012, the Mayor, City Council, Clive residents and businesses, and City staff went through an extensive strategic planning process to define the vision, mission statement, core beliefs, and action items for the City to focus on during the next 15 years.  The Council updates and refines the plan every year.

Vision - Desired Destination for Clive

  • Clive 2032 is a beautiful, safe City with great residential neighborhoods through buildout.
  • Clive 2032 provides exceptional family living and opportunities for personal wellness.
  • Clive 2032 has the Distinctive Clive Greenbelt and a revitalized 86th St. corridor/neighborhood.

We take pride in Clive!

Mission - Responsibilities of City Government

The City of Clive's mission is to provide high quality, customer valued municipal services in a financially responsible manner through a dedicated workforce resulting in satisfied customers and a sustainable Clive community, accomplished through cost-effective delivery, forward-thinking and continuous improvement.

GOALS  - Map to Clive's Destination

  • Financially sound City providing services valued by the community
  • Resilient City facilities and infrastructure
  • Distinctive Clive Greenbelt
  • Great place to live: the premier location for families

September 2019 - Strategic Plan Progress (City Council Update)
The City Council updated and approved Clive's Strategic Plan following its annual August work sessions.   Building upon the City's vision and mission statements, the Council prioritized specific policy and management action agendas for the FY 2019-2020 fiscal year. 

2019-2020 Policy Agenda (these are policy questions the City Council will address and set direction on in FY 2020)
Top Priorities

  • Flood Prone Property Buyouts: Pase 2 acquisition and funding
  • Budget and tax rate
  • Residential solid waste contract
  • Stormwater management plan and funding
  • Hickman corridor--U.S. 6 traffic management and interchange plan: advocacy
  • Invasive plant and vegetation management plan
  • Eastern neighborhoods revitalization: strategic plan and tactical plan
High Priorities

  • University corridor plan (with the City of West Des Moines)
  • Public Works staffing/remodel: streets execution
  • Walnut Creek bank stabilization (on public property)
  • Landscape plan implementation: direction and funding
  • Fire/EMS collaboration with City of Urbandale
  • Parks and Recreation partnership with school districts
  • Management/employee succession program and process

2019-2020 Management Agenda (these are actions City staff will take in FY 2020 to implement policies and strategic direction set by the City Council)
Top Priorities

  • Greenbelt Landing project (Greenbelt Triad -- Phase 1)
  • City website: major update
  • University Blvd area flood mitigation
  • Public safety facility project: design and construction
  • New City data center in the public safety facility
  • Long-range financial model and plan
  • Employee benefits consultant
  • Indian Hills Woods improvements
High Priorities
  • Westcom strategic planning process
  • Community engagement and communications plan 2020
  • Traffic capacity analysis
  • Lucity system/asset management
  • Righ-of-way management policies
  • Census 2020: complete count
  • Goat program: review and direction
  • Biannual citizen satisfaction survey
  • City organizational values and process development

The following documents include a review of the City's performance in FY 2019, and summaries and timelines for the key FY 2020 actions.