Capital Improvements Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) establishes the timeline for major capital projects in Clive and the long-term financing strategy to pay for those improvements.   Plan development starts each August shortly after the City Council establishes its policy direction for the coming year.  The City Council approves an updated CIP plan each December so the coming year’s capital expenditures and debt issues can be finalized and included in the City’s fiscal year budget.

Clive's CIP covers a  five-year period of time because many of the projects require multiple years to plan, complete, and pay for.  City Staff proposes projects to be included in the CIP, and the City Council reviews, prioritizes, and ultimately approves the projects. The first year in the CIP is included as part of the annual fiscal budget submitted for Council approval each March. The first year of the CIP also determines the amount of general obligation bonds and other debt instruments to be issued over the upcoming year. 

An interactive map of currently scheduled CIP projects is available here.

On December 10, 2020, the Clive City Council approved the Capital Improvement Plan for 2021-2025. The complete CIP documents are below.