Irrigation Meter Regulations

Irrigation Meter Regulations
Installation of a second water meter to measure water used for swimming pools, lawns, garden, or other outside uses is permitted in Clive. The purpose of an irrigation meter is to allow residents to not be charged sewer charges for use of outside water that does not enter the sanitary sewer system.

Plumbing costs are the responsibility of the homeowner. The irrigation meter must be purchased from the Clive Water Department, located at 1900 NW 114th Street. Upon completion of the plumbing, call for installation and connection to the external reading device. Click here for more information. For questions regarding installation of the irrigation meter call the Public Works Department at (515) 223-6231.

Underground Irrigation Systems
These systems require approved backflow prevention devices and annual testing. Questions regarding irrigation systems and back flow prevention can be answered by the Public Works Department at (515) 223-6231.

The City of Clive requires that anyone installing an underground lawn irrigation system must submit an application. An authorized application ensures that the system is installed in the proper location and that an approved cross-connection assembly is installed.

If you have an underground sprinkler system, fire sprinkler system or swimming pool, federal, state and local laws require you to have a reduced pressure backflow prevention device. A certified inspector registered with the State of Iowa must inspect this device annually and a copy of the test report must be forwarded to the City of Clive within fifteen days of the test.