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clivepolicepd_vehiclesThe current Clive population of 17,506 residents is expected to grow 44 percent to its maximum population of 23,000 residents by 2030.

Due to this expected growth, the City Council directed City staff to evaluate citywide space needs. The facility and space needs study identified the current facilities are undersized to meet the escalating population. These limitations applied to police, fire, and the public library..

Public Library Public Safety


The City of Clive has been working to address facility challenges since 2008, when the city proposed a new library on land just south of the Clive Aquatic Center — the proposal failed during a bond referendum in July 2008.

Since then, the City Council has been discussing next steps to address the city’s increasing facility challenges as the city continues to experience population growth. The focus is on developing city facilities needed to provide city services for the projected maximum population.  If you have any comments or concerns regarding the City's facility needs please share those comments here and/or sign-up for the Clive Development E-Newsletter to receive regular updates.

Timeline of Recent Actions Taken by City Regarding Facilities

City Facilities Strategy - Updated May 4, 2017
  • Construction of a new Fire Station in an area west of 100th Street, South of Hickman Road, East of 114th Street and North of Walnut Creek.
  • Remodeling of Dymond Public Safety Center to dedicate the entire facility for police operations.
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