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In August of 2014, the Clive City council performed an update to the annual strategic plan and outlined a new goal for the Greenbelt identified as the creation of a “Distinctive Clive Greenbelt.”  The city understands that the Greenbelt is viewed as the major asset for the Clive community and has focused on preserving and enhancing this asset through the strategic plan.  During their strategic planning workshop, the City Council outlined the following objectives with an emphasis on creating a “Distinctive Clive Greenbelt”:

1)            Neighborhoods connected to the Greenbelt

2)            Stabilized Walnut Creek

3)            Easy access to the Greenbelt with effective wayfinding signage

4)            Extended, well maintained trail

5)            Businesses along the Greenbelt at designated areas 

Based on the strategic plan’s priorities, the council launched a master planning effort in the spring of 2015 to successfully define the role of the greenbelt and drive strategic investments in the Greenbelt area for the next 20 – 25 years. On October 27, 2016 the City Council formally adopted the new Greenbelt Master Plan, readying the Plan for the implementation phase.  The master plan is broken down into three primary phases: Visioning, Design Criteria and Standards and an Implementation Plan.

Due to file size the master plan has been partitioned. Please be patient as some of these sections may require additional download time. 

Executive Summary

Ch 1 - Public Engagement

Ch 2 - Strategic Framework and Measuring Results

Ch 3 - Natural Capital

Ch 4 - Cultural Capital

Ch 5 - Built Capital

Ch 6 - Social/Human Capital

Ch 7 - Financial Capital

Ch 8 - Political Capital

Ch 9 - Zones

Zone 1

Zone 2

Zone 3

Zone 4

Zone 5

Ch 10 - Implementation

Ch 11 - Capital Costs

Ch 12 - Demand and Use Analysis

Ch 13 - Operating Plan

Ch 14 - Funding the Master Plan

Ch 15 - Economic Impacts

Appendix 1 - 2015 Clive Greenbelt Park and Library Services Survey

Appendix 2 - 2016 Clive Community Livability Report

Appendix 3 - Trail Intercept Summary

Appendix 4 - Natural Resources Inventory and Assessment - AES Flora Observations 

Appendix 5 - Natural Resources Inventory and Assessment - AES Fauna Observations

Appendix 6 - Native Plant Communities

Appendix 7 - Natural Resources Management Plan

Appendix 8 - Details about Cedar Fall's Comp Plan Natural Resource Overlay District

Appendix 9 - Sample Tree Ordinance

Appendix 10 - Clive Greenbelt Inventory

Appendix 11 - 2009 Comprehensive Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan

Appendix 12 - Detailed Tabular Analysis for Assumptions

Appendix 13 - Memos

Appendix 14 - Clive Trail Bridge Summary Report

Appendix 15 - Project Costs

Appendix 16 - Stream Restoration Suitability Model


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