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Earth Month Plastic Bag Swap

Swap it out

Plastic pollution and recycling contamination have been hot topics in the news this year. Help reduce your impact by swapping your used plastic bags for a reusable bag made of recycled plastic!

Plastic bags cause major pollution and litter, plus take thousands of years to decompose. They also can’t be recycled at your curb. Unfortunately, plastic bags are still a regular part of a trip to the store for many people, so let’s do something good with all that waste.

During Earth Month in April, bring used plastic bags to Clive City Hall. We'll swap your bags for a reusable grocery tote (one per household, while supplies last) from Metro Waste Authority. Next time the grocer asks if you want paper or plastic, you can say neither!

Clive City Hall will collect bags April 1 through April 30, 2019. The city that collects the most weight per capita will win an all-weather park bench made of recycled plastic!

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