City Boards and Commissions


Various City committees and other organizations assist the Council and the community.  Please contact us about your interest in committee appointments by e-mail through the web site.  Please click here to fill out an application.

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Board of Adjustment
The Board meets as needed to consider requests for variances and use permits or to hear appeals of interpretation of the zoning ordinance.

Civil Service Commission
Commission meets as needed, to develop eligibility lists or hear appeals on personnel-related police matters.

Fire Code Board of Appeals and Building Code of Appeals
These two Board of Appeals meet as required to determine appeals from applicable staff interpretation of Fire or Building Codes.

Library Board of Trustees
Meets once a month to advise Council on library issues.

Parks and Recreation Board
Meets once each month to advise Council and develop park plans, program and budget.

Planning and Zoning Commission
This body meets regularly each month to review and make recommendations to the Council concerning zoning, site plans and plat development.


Civic Organizations

Clive Chamber of Commerce

Clive Community Foundation

If you would like to be put in touch with any of these groups, please contact Clive City Hall at (515) 223-6220.

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