Traffic Control

Traffic Counts

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Traffic Signals

The Public Works Department maintains all traffic signals within the corporate limits with exception of those located on University Avenue.  Contact Clive Public Works at 515-223-6231 with traffic signal concerns or to report any devices that are damaged by traffic mishap, vandalized, or stolen. 

University Avenue traffic signals are the responsibility of the City of West Des Moines.  Contact West Des Moines Public Works at 515-222-3480 with traffic signal concerns.



There are currently three roundabouts  in Clive, located at NW 156th/Boston Parkway, Berkshire Parkway/Boston Parkway, and Berkshire Parkway/Sheridan Avenue. There are two traffic circles located on Clark Street between 104th and 100th Streets.   Roundabouts and traffic circles are designed to slow traffic while lowering delays. Operations are improved by smooth flowing traffic, with less stop and go than would be experienced at a signalized intersection. To learn more about roundabouts click here.




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