Red Light Cameras

Red Light Enforcement

The City of Clive deactivated the Red Light Cameras on July 1, 2014.  It is the City's position any violations prior to the deactivation of photo enforcement will be processed as they were when photo enforcement was in place.

 Any questions can be directed to Jeff Miller (515) 867-5003 or

For those who received a notice prior to the deactivation of photo enforcement the City of Clive has elected to keep the below information on the web site so alleged violators can make informed decisions.

Notices Of Violation

Notices will be printed with:
  • An image of the vehicle before the stop bar with the signal already red.
  • A second image showing that the vehicle proceeded into the intersection with the light still red.
  • A close-up image of the vehicle’s license plate.
  • A Web address will also be published (on the back of the ticket) where still pictures and a 12-second video clip of the actual driving violation can be viewed on the Internet.
  • If the owner of the vehicle would like to contest an automated red light notice of violation, they may be given the opportunity for an Administrative Hearing and may also contest the charge in Associate District Court.
Information on Notices includes:
  • The time, date, location, lane of travel, and ‘time into red’ when the violation was detected.
  • Details of the registered vehicle owner.
  • Instructions and options for the person who has received the notice.

You will not be ticketed if your vehicle is already in the intersection when the light turns red.  If you do receive a Notice, no points will be assessed against your driving record and it will not raise your insurance rates.


City Ordinance And Fine Amount

Notices will be sent under City Ordinance Title 6-3-5.  The fine for running a red light under this Ordinance is $100.00.


Running A Red Light

A vehicle is considered to be running a red light when it crosses into the intersection after the light has turned red.  Vehicles that are in the intersection when the light turns red, including ones waiting for a break in traffic in order to complete a left turn, are not considered to be red light runners.  You are still permitted to make a right turn on red after first coming to a complete stop (unless right turns on red are prohibited by signage).


Registered Owner Of Vehicle Not Driving At Time Of Occurrence

Violation notices are sent to the registered owner of the vehicles recorded running a red light.  If the violating vehicle was stolen, the owner can use their stolen vehicle report to indicate that he or she was not driving it at the time of the violation.  The registered owner is responsible for the ticket if they simply let someone else use their vehicle and a violation occurs.


Privacy Concerns

There is no expectation of privacy when people violate the law while driving their vehicles on public roadways.  The City of Clive is taking precautions to ensure that only the red-light runners are recorded.  No more information is collected than necessary for this enforcement effort.  The cameras enhance traffic safety and are not used for surveillance. The cameras will only photograph red light violations





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