R.A.D. Program

R.A.D.The Rape Aggression Defense Systems is a self-defense   program that begins with topics in  personal safety, awareness of environment, and risk prevention. The course then moves onto the basics of hands-on defense training to teach women techniques against   various types of assaults using easy and effective self-defense and martial arts tactics.

R.A.D. is a program that is  designed to help women overcome the effects of sexual harassment and sexual violence by teaching assertiveness, awareness, risk reduction, risk recognition, avoidance and physical defense strategies.

  • R.A.D. is for women only ages 13 and up.
  • Cost is only $25 with free lifetime return policy.
  • Classes only 3 hours a night for 4 nights.
  • Contact the Clive Police Department to sign up or for more information at (515) 278-1312.

RAD Brochure

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