Warning Sirens

Warning sirens will be activated if a tornado has been sighted near Clive. A steady three minute tone will indicate a tornado warning.  You should immediately seek shelter in your basement or somewhere below ground level. The Weather Bureau uses the term tornado watch to mean conditions are such that a tornado is possible. The sirens will not be sounded for a watch, but will be for a tornado warning (a funnel cloud has been sighted in the area either by radar or an observer). The sirens will also normally be tested in conjunction with all civil defense sirens in Polk County the first Saturday of each month at noon.

Sirens are located as follows:

  • Harbach Boulevard and 80th Street
  • 107th Street and Greenbelt Drive
  • Country Club Boulevard and Cedarwood Avenue
  • 96th Street and Indian Hills Jr. High
  • 149th Street and Hawthorn Drive
  • 86th Street and Hickman Road
  • Campbell Park
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