May 17 Storm Update - Clive Will Not Have Special Storm Debris Pick-Up for May 17 Weather Event.  Property owners will be responsible for clean up on any storm damage or utilize the City's yard waste programs.

 Trail Tunnel Closure:  Attention Eason Elementary Families and Greenbelt Trail Users, due to the Greenbelt Trail Tunnel closure under NW 156th Street, Clive and Waukee Police officers will be assisting street crossing, weekdays before and after school hours until the trail/tunnel is reopen. 

Stormwater Regulations

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Post-Construction Stormwater Management Ordinance

Consistent with the recommendations outlined within the recently approved Walnut Creek Watershed Master Plan, the City has recently revised its Postconstruction Stormwater Management Ordinance and adopted the Clive Stormwater Management Manual.  The new postconstruction stormwater management regulations are focused on maintaining or restoring stable hydrology in the receiving waters by ensuring that the developed site mimics the natural hydrology of the pre-development site.  These new regulations look at several stormwater impacts (volume, rate, duration, frequency) rather than being solely focused on rate control.

Ordinance #1009 - Postconstruction Stormwater Management

Clive Stormwater Management Manual

Council Presentation- October 13, 2016

Walnut Creek Watershed Master Plan 





Anyone seeking information on stormwater, please contact either:

Rachel Conrad

515-223-6321 x 5128
Water Resources Engineer

Doug Ollendike

515-223-6221 x 5075
Community Development Director


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