Clive Greenbelt and Trail closed on Wednesday and Thursday due to flooding.

Due to Tuesday night's heavy rains the City is experiencing flooding in the Greenbelt.  Due to high creek levels the Greenbelt Trail and Park system will be closed Wednesday, July 29th and Thursday, July 30th.  Once creek levels recede City crews will be cleaning the trail and Greenbelt areas.  The City hopes to have the Greenbelt open by Friday.


Sign Permits

Signs must not obstruct vision, mislead traffic or otherwise endanger the public.  The appropriate fee must be paid for the approved permit prior to installation or change of any sign in the City of Clive.  Refer to the Clive City Code, Title 11, Chapter 12 for further information.

For permanent sign installation, the contractor must be registered with the City of Clive.  Click here for link to application. 

A color rendition of the proposed sign must be submitted with any permanent sign permit application.

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