Natural Flood Plain Functions

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Floodplains naturally serve many purposes.

  • As Flood and Erosion Control, floodplains hold water and reduce the speed of moving water, decrease peak flows, and keep sedimentation levels down.
  • As Water Quality Maintenance, floodplains act as a filter for runoff and organic wastes.
  • As Groundwater Recharge, a floodplain will reduce the frequency and duration of low surface flows.
  • Biologically. a floodplain will build diverse ecosystems below and above ground for many species.

The Walnut Creek Watershed Master Plan was approved by City Council on Sept. 8, 2016. The plan outlines six approaches to address storm water management and soil health within the watershed including multi-purpose projects to sustain and manage natural resources and functions like the many types of soils, streamflows, and stream characteristics.

The Clive Greenbelt Master Plan was adopted on October 27, 2016. It includes responsible and attractive plans to allow smart interaction between trail users and the natural floodplain functions. Click here to download and read the Clive Greenbelt Master Plan. (large file -- be patient.)

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