Flood Information

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Walnut Creek, North Walnut Creek, and Little Walnut Creek are central to the City of Clive and make the City unique. These waterways are prone to flash floods and urban street flooding. Flooding is a natural process and inevitable. Click here for the Be Flood Ready brochure.

Clive addresses flooding in several ways. 

Knowledge. Our knowledgeable city staff can help you understand your flood hazard. We have historic data and access to real-time gauges to help you make decisions. Click here for Knowing Your Flood Hazard.

Flood Insurance. Whether you rent or own property, flood insurance is an important part of living at a property with a flood designation. Click here for Insuring Your Property for Your Flood Hazard.

Protecting people. The City has a Flood Response Protocol and Sandbag and Evacuation Sites for use before, during, and after flood events. We also have a warning system in place to help keep the community safe. Click here to learn about Protecting People.

Protecting property. In addition to our Flood Response Protocol and Sandbag and Evacuation Sites, we also encourage best practices to manage urban stormwater runoff and recovering from flood events and preventing damage through construction. Click here learn about Protecting Property.

Build responsibly. The City provides Flood Plain Development Applications to ensure that multiple options are considered before decisions are made. We also maintain FEMA flood map updates and elevation certificates. Click here to learn how to Build Responsibly.

Protect natural floodplain function. Clive was the first city to adopt the Walnut Creek Watershed Master Plan. To learn more about the our support of Natural Floodplain Function, click here.

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