For residents living on Maple Street west of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  A drinking water advisory is in effect.  The City of Clive’s Water Supply experienced a problem in the distribution system and the system lost pressure along Maple Street, West of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  Due to the potential for bacterial contamination, it is being recommended that the water continue to be boiled before using for drinking or cooking or that an alternative source be used.  This advisory is for residents on Maple Street located west of Berkshire Parkway only.  The rest of Clive municipal water customers may continue to use their drinking water systems normally.

Yard Waste

Yard Waste

Yard waste pickup is April through November.  Yard waste needs to be bagged with a Metro Waste Authority Compost It! bag or a brown craft yard waste bag with a Compost It! sticker attached. Stickers must be attached to each brush bundle. Brush bundles cannot be more than 18" in diameter, must be under 4' long, and cannot weigh more than 40 pounds.

Bags and stickers are available at local grocery, hardware, and convenience stores. Bags are $1.60 each and sell for $8.00 in bundles of five. Stickers are $1.25 each (prices do not include tax).


Premium Compost It! Yard Waste Program

Clive residents who use the City’s garbage services are eligible to sign up for the Premium Yard Waste Collection Program.  Participating residents have the opportunity to use a 96-gallon wheeled container for weekly collection of their yard waste.  This program is an alternative yard waste collection method and does not replace the current Compost It! program that utilizes the MWA Compost It! bags and stickers.

To Enroll
Complete an enrollment form and mail or deliver form with payment to Clive City Hall.  Upon receipt of payment, the city will deliver the yard waste container to your driveway and mail a sticker to your home, which will need to be affixed to your container.

Residents that already have a Premium Yard Waste Container only need to purchase the seasonal sticker.  Click here for the form or by going to the MWA website at and pay electronically. 

Highlights of the Premium Yard Waste Collection Program

  • Containers must be ordered through the Clive City Hall office.
  • Stickers must be obtained annually and placed on the designated area of the container.
  • The program is an alternative to the current MWA Compost It! program.
  • Residents are not required to use the premium container program.
  • The container may only be used for yard waste disposal.
  • Yard waste containers will be collected on the resident’s regular garbage collection day.
  • Yard waste container collection dates will coincide with MWA’s Compost It! annual calendar.
  • Residents may have more than one premium yard waste container.


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