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The Vision to Enrich Clive’s City Center

The new Clive Town Center, located on the NW 114th Street corridor between Hickman Road and University Avenue, will provide a true city center to serve as a community destination and focal point for Clive – a place where entertainment, recreation, shopping, and daily living mix seamlessly.

This unique area will feature a town square complete with commercial development and distinct neighborhoods with multistory residential living options. The family-friendly Town Center will also include the Clive Aquatic Center, new city government center and strong connections to the Clive greenbelt.

The Town Center design will pull elements from Clive’s many connections to

nature to tie in seamlessly to the landscape, while serving as inspiration for continued city development. The city center will further enhance Clive as a destination for families, public art, entertainment, leisure, and gathering places for residents and visitors.


On June 5, the Clive City Council approved the Clive Town Center Concept Plan, available here, to provide overall guidance on the characteristics and design elements the City would like to see with the project.

A major component of the Town Center is the Government Center, which will house the police station, administrative offices and city hall. The new facilities will ensure Clive residents continue to receive the high level of service, quality and efficiencies they have come to expect as the current population of 16,200 grows to an expected 23,000 in 15 years. While the current shared police and fire facilities have served the community in the past, it is not setup to be an adequate space to serve Clive’s growing population. The Town Center will provide a new space for the police and allow the fire department to expand in their current building.

The City of Clive Library serves a record number of patrons, but due to space limitations, the library doesn't have the ability to grow. The Town Center would allow the library to expand its current space and provide additional programming in collaboration with Parks and Recreation for a newly formed Leisure Services department.

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