For residents living on Maple Street west of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  A drinking water advisory is in effect.  The City of Clive’s Water Supply experienced a problem in the distribution system and the system lost pressure along Maple Street, West of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  Due to the potential for bacterial contamination, it is being recommended that the water continue to be boiled before using for drinking or cooking or that an alternative source be used.  This advisory is for residents on Maple Street located west of Berkshire Parkway only.  The rest of Clive municipal water customers may continue to use their drinking water systems normally.

Project Information

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Items Scheduled for Construction in 2011

  • University Boulevard Bridge Widening at 73rd Street
  • Caffery's Steakhouse Access Drive Widening at NW 86th Street
  • Project Planning & Design for Streetscape Phase III (anticipated construction in 2012)
Construction Completed in 2010
  • University Boulevard widening from NW 78th Street to NW 73rd Street
  • NW 86th Street Phase 2 Streetscape work from Harbach Boulevard to University Boulevard

Construction Completed in 2009
  • Constructed University Boulevard widening from NW Street 84th east to NW 78th Street
  • Installed traffic signals at the former Dahl's entrance on NW 86th Street
  • Installed streetscaping elements such as decorative lighting, gateway feature, landscaping, decorative pavers, and a residential wall on NW 86th Street from Hickman Road to Primrose Lane

Construction Completed in 2008
  • Completed turning lanes at NW 86th Street & Hickman Road
  • Constructed new intersection at NW 86th Street & University Boulevard through NW 84th Street

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