Why is the Clive Town Center project being proposed?
A: Clive residents indicated in the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey that there is no identifiable community focal point, and the majority of citizens responded that they would like the city to establish a focal point. Furthermore, the City of Clive has determined that the maximum future buildout based on current growth rates will be 23,000 residents within its borders by 2030 — compared to its current 16,000 residents. Beginning in October 2011, the Clive City Council directed its staff to explore the most efficient ways to address the space needs for this maximum buildout of 23,000 residents. The city sanctioned a citywide space needs assessment with Shive-Hattery in March 2012, and the City Council identified the Town Center as the top priority based on the results of their findings in August 2012.

What facility needs are addressed in the proposed Clive Town Center project?
A: Among the primary facility needs identified by the study that are addressed in the Clive Town Center project proposal are the Clive Police and Fire Departments (who currently share a facility at the Dymond Public Safety Center) and the Clive Public Library. The Clive Town Center would include a Government Center to accommodate the facility needs of the Police Department, and this new building would also house the City Council chambers and City Hall administrative functions. The Clive Fire Department would in turn have the opportunity to address its facility needs by occupying the space vacated by the Police Department. Likewise, the Clive Public Library would be allowed to utilize the space vacated by City Hall to accommodate its current facility needs.

What research and public feedback informed the solutions in the proposed Clive Town Center project?
A: The Clive City Council identified the exploration of the Town Center as the top priority informed by the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey indicating a desire for a community focal point and the Shive-Hattery findings that highlighted city space needs. The city contracted with Reynolds Urban Design in January 2013 to develop a Town Center Vision Plan, and it again contracted with Shive-Hattery in March 2013 for a Government Center Pre-Design Plan that would address its study results. The Clive City Council approved the resulting Town Center Vision plan in August 2013 and the Government Center Pre-Design Plan in October 2013. In the summer of 2013, the city formed a Town Center Citizen Steering Committee to provide input on and inform Reynolds Urban Design's development of a Town Center Concept Plan. The City of Clive solicited public feedback of the Concept Plan in its Town Center Open House in January 2014 and three subsequent facility needs Town Hall Meetings in May and June of 2014.

How would the proposed Town Center project affect traffic in Clive? Will people drive faster?
A: Based on traffic studies conducted by the City of Clive, the project in its currently proposed form would result in a 5% increase in traffic on main arteries during peak commute hours. Driving speed should not see an increase, and the Clive Police Department will continue to enforce traffic laws. The City Council has been very sensitive to the traffic impacts of this project on the surrounding areas.  As a part of the planning process the City conducted a traffic impact study for the Town Center project and it specifically discusses the impacts for Clark Street. The traffic study is available here.  Also, in Fall 2014 the City is planning to conduct a traffic study focused specifically on Clark Street to develop a long-term traffic improvement plan. The City will encourage residents from the Clark Street neighborhood to be involved in that process.

How will the Town Center project affect my taxes?
A: The City of Clive is currently reviewing proposals from three interested private developers to offset the cost of the proposed Government Center portion of the project as much as possible. Based on estimates developed by city staff the current estimated full cost of the Government Center — prior to costs offset via a partnership with the selected private developer — would result in a tax levy of $1.15 per $1,000 in property taxes. Once a private developer has been identified as being the best fit for the project, the city will publicly share any potential remaining costs that would affect the tax levies of Clive residents. For reference, the current tax levy for the City of Clive is $9.99 per $1,000, which ranks it as the 9th lowest out of the 10 Greater DSM metro communities.

Property Tax Rates 

What portions of the proposed Clive Town Center project is the city financially responsible for vs. private investors?

TC Investment 
Public Investment - 1A
Government Center
Town Square Park
Trail Connections
Public Art

Private Investment – 1B, 1C, 2
374 Dwelling Units
46,000 square feet of retail
Potential Library
162 on-street parking spaces
688 structured parking spaces

Why is Clive looking to build multi-family units vs. single-family units?
A: The City of Clive already has ownership of the land on which the proposed elements of the Town Center project would be constructed. The City conducted a market study as a part of the Town Center Vision Plan that indicated multi-family residential housing as the most viable market response for the current plot of city owned land. Further studies conducted by the city have concluded that multi-family units paired with retail space present the most efficient use of space as it relates to tax revenue generated from the city owned plot of land.

Will the Town Center project be put to a public vote as a bond referendum?
A: This will be determined by the Clive City Council. If it is put to a referendum, it would likely be up for a vote in February 2015. We urge you to share any feedback or questions you have on our CliveTownCenter.com feedback page or with the Mayor and City Council.

What is the timeline on construction of the Clive Town Center?
A: After the City receives Town Center proposals and reviews them at a public Open House on August 26, 2014, the Clive City Council will select a preferred development partner and begin negotiations in Fall 2014. The City is projected to consider and approve a development agreement with its selected private development partner in Winter 2014/15. Clive Town Center construction drawings would be developed in Spring 2015, with groundbreaking for the first phase of the Town Center project in the Summer/Fall of 2015.  Please visit the Timeline page for more detailed information.

How can I receive updates on the status of the Clive Town Center project?
A: The latest news and information will always be posted on CliveTownCenter.com. We will also continue to share information on the City of Clive's Facebook page and via our bi-monthly e-newsletter.

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