Q: Why did the Town Center project end?

Upon review of the proposals received from the private development firms on Friday, August 8, the City Council concluded that the Town Center project was not financially viable at this time. The proposals did not provide the sufficient development elements the City desired to be able to pursue the construction of a Government Center in a way that provides value to residents. If the project were to move forward without the Government Center component, it makes a significant change to the concept, therefore resulting in the City deciding to end the process.

Q: How is the City Council planning to address Clive’s facility needs since the Town Center project isn’t moving forward?

Clive’s facility needs remain a priority of the City Council. The City is currently assessing alternative solutions to fulfill the City’s space needs, specifically pertaining to the Clive Police Department.

Q. What is going to happen to the land along NW 114th Street?

The 10-acre city-owned plot along the NW 114th St. corridor has been earmarked for development in the near term. The City Council is currently exploring how to best utilize the ground over the next six months — the results of which may include the sale of portions of the land for private development.

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