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Due to an expected 44 percent population growth in the next 15 years, the City of Clive has been exploring potential solutions to fulfill facility needs to meet the service demands of an escalating population.  One proposed solution was the Clive Town Center, along the NW 114th Street corridor, in which a Government Center would house the police department and City Hall, with the remainder of the land being privately developed.  After reviewing proposals, the City of Clive has ended the process of the Town Center project and is exploring new solutions to best meet the needs of residents.

The proposed Town Center project was based around building a public and private partnership that would ensure any public investment the city makes in facilities would leverage the private investment for a long-term stable tax base and help offset the construction costs of building new and renovating facilities for police, fire, library, and administration. 

Upon review of the proposals received from the private development firms on Friday, August 8, the City Council concluded that the Town Center project was not financially viable at this time. The proposals did not provide the sufficient development elements the City desired to be able to pursue the construction of a Government Center in a way that provides value to residents. If the project were to move forward without the Government Center component, it makes a significant change to the concept, therefore resulting in the City deciding to end the process.

Moving Forward

The City Council continues to have facility needs a priority and is assessing alternative solutions to fulfill the City’s space needs, specifically pertaining to the Clive Police Department. The Council is also exploring how to best utilize the City-owned ground along the NW 114th Street corridor over the next six months — the results of which may include the sale of portions of the land for private development.


  • The current Clive population of 16,200 residents is expected to increase to its maximum build out population of 23,000 in the next 15 years.
  • Future changes in traffic are an important element the City is studying. Earlier this year, the City commissioned a Clive Town Center Traffic Impact Study to identify traffic changes under multiple scenarios for the NW 114th St. corridor.
  • The NW 114th St. corridor has been earmarked for inevitable development. The City Council directed staff to explore options that best utilize this city-owned 10-acre plot that provides the lowest tax implication, while keeping service levels high and providing a focal point for the community.
  • The City Council identified the Clive Town Center project as a proposed solution to fulfill public facility needs with an efficient, cost-effective and long-term solution.
  • The proposed development, along NW 114th Street, was intended to provide civic facilities for the police department and administration, which would then allow the fire department and library to expand into their current buildings.
  • In addition to this Government Center, a private developer was intended to build out surrounding residential, retail, entertainment and park areas.
  • This proposed public and private partnership was intended to lower the tax liability for construction of the Government Center. The Town Center development was intended to provide diversity in the tax base and long-term stabilization of the tax levy.
  • The Clive Town Center concept was to become a focal point for the community - a place where community parks, leisure, entertainment, public art, and daily living mix seamlessly.

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