City Finance

The Administration Department under the supervision of the City Clerk, is responsible for timely and accurate financial information. The annual budget process projects the City's financial position and the dollars needed to provide services to the citizens of Clive.


On an annual basis, following the end of the fiscal year on June 30, the financial accountings of the City are audited by an outside firm.  The audit report consists of a series of financial statements, as well as other components that provide an overview of the City's finances and a comparison of the budget for that year.  

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Reports

 Cities that have TIF districts with debt must submit their debt requirements to the county auditor by December 1 each year to be able to capture the revenue to repay outstanding obligations.  Several years ago legislation required the Annual Urban Renewal Report.  The City is required to report the annual activity within each urban renewal area by December 1, for the previous fiscal year.  Council approval is required prior to submission. 

Annual Financial Report

Annually, by December 1, cities must submit their Annual Financial Report to the State Auditor.  This report summarizes the City’s financial position at the end of the previous fiscal year. 


The annual budget process projects the City's financial position and the dollars needed to provide services to the citizens of Clive.  The budget report is required to be filed annually with the County Auditor as well as the Iowa Department of Management by March 15.

Prior to the budget filing in March the City Council performs a budget development process through variou budget workshops and meetings in January and February each year.  The process for the FY 2016-2017 Operating Budget to start July 1, 2016 included information on all the City's operations and fund accounts.  The budget information was presented to the City Council during the January 14, January 28 regular meetings and a special budget workshop on February 4.  Below are links to the budget documents that were shared during those meetings.

FY 2016-2017 Budget Development Meetings/Documents

January 14 - Public Works Budget Presentation and Public Works Department Budget Memo - Road Use Tax, Water, Sewer and Stormwater Funds

January 28 - General Fund Budget Presentation and General Fund and Trust & Agency Funds Budget Memo - All City Departments

February 4 - Budget Follow-Up Memo from January 28 Deliberations

February 11 - City Council to set Public Hearing for consideration of FY 2016-2017 Budget

March 10 - Public Hearing to consider the FY 2016-2017 Budget, followed by City Council consideration and approval of budget starting July 1, 2016 thru June 30, 2017.

* - Due to the size of the documents please be patient when downloading.

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