Clive Strategic Plan

Clive Plan 2014 - 2020 - 2030

In 2012 the Clive Mayor and City Council, along with the City's Management Team, went through an extensive strategic planning process to determine the vision, mission statement, core beliefs and action items for the City of Clive to focus on for the next 15 years.  The process included citizen input through a Citizen Summit held in June 2012 and survey results from the 2014 Citizen Satisfaction Survey held in January 2014.

September 18th, 2014 - Strategic Plan Progress (City Council Update)

The City Council approved an update to the Clive Strategic Plan following their annual strategic planning retreat in early August 2014.  A new list of action items were identified in the Policy and Management Agendas.  The documentation below notes the results of this strategic plan update process and a list of action ideas for the next year.

Vision 2030 - "Desired Destination for Clive"

  • Clive 2030 is a beautiful, safe City with great residential neighborhoods through Buildout.
  • Clive 2030 provides exceptional family living and opportunities for personal wellness.
  • Clive 2030 has the Distinctive Clive Greenbelt, and a revitalized 86th Corridor/Neighborhood.

We take pride in Clive!

Mission - "Responsibilities of City Government"

The City of Clive's mission is to provide high quality, customer valued municipal services in a financially responsible manner through a dedicated workforce resulting in satisfied customers and a sustainable Clive community, accomplished through cost effective delivery, forward thinking and continuous improvement.

Plan 2020 - "Map to Clive's Destination"

City of Clive Goals for 2020

  • Financially Sound City Providing Services Valued by Residents
  • Upgrade City Facilities and Infrastructure
  • Great Place to Live: The Premier Location for Families
  • Distinctive Clive Greenbelt

Core Beliefs - "Expectations of City Employees"           

We  Serve 
 We are  Productive 
 We act with  Integrity
 We take  Responsibility 
We are  Innovative 
 We practice  Teamwork 



Execution - "Route for Next Year"

Policy Agenda 2014-15

Management Agenda 2014-15

       Top Priority     

  • Fire Service Collaboration Agreement
  • Police Facility: Direction
  • Emerald Isle Development
  • WestPet Facility
  • Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Policy
  • Greenbelt Master Plan: Development
  • Public Works Transition and Reorganization
  • Clive-Waukee Boundary: Implementation
  • Citywide Process Improvement Program
  • Community Events Policy
  • Walnut Creek Watershed Regional Authority

          High Priority      

  • Trail Maintenance/Replacement: Policy Funding
  • NW 86th Design Standards: Revision
  • South 5 Acres Sale/RFP
  • Walnut Creek Bank Stabilization
  • Citywide Stormwater Management Plan
  • Northern Neighborhood Development Plan

  • Park Facility Rental Policy
  • City Hall: Upgrade
  • City Legislative Agenda: Adoption
  • Regional Water Governance Study
  • Crime-Free Multi-Family Housing Initiative
  • Water Consumption Monitoring


The following are the supplemental documents that explain the six-month process the City of Clive engaged in to development the Clive 2014 - 2020 - 2030 Plan.

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