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Previous Citizen Survey Results

2012 Survey Results

In early 2012 the City of Clive contracted with National Research Center, Inc. (NRC) of Boulder, Colorado to perform a citizen satisfaction survey of Clive residents.  The National Citizen Survey (NCS) was developed by NRC to provide a statistically valid survey of resident opinions about community and services provided by local government.  The survey results are to be used by staff, elected officials and other stakeholders for community planning and resources allocation, program improvement and policy making.

The five-page survey was administered by mail in April 2012 to a random sampling of 2,100 households.  667 responses were received for a 34% response rate, with a +/- 4% margin of error.  All Clive results were compared to a national database of responses from 500 local government jurisdictions from across the country.

Some key results of the 2012 survey were:

  • Overall, 94% of Clive residents rated their quality of life as "excellent" or "good".
  • Of the 27 community characteristics rated, Clive ranked above national benchmarks in 23 characteristics, with the other four rated similar to the benchmark.
  • 33 of the 35 service characteristics rated above the benchmarks, with one rated similar and one rated below the benchmarks.
  • Clive residents indicated a strong trust for the City of Clive government and feel they recieve good value for their City tax dollar.
  • Over 90% of Clive residents would recommend living in Clive to someone else.
  • Citizen ratings increased in virtually every category from the 2008 survey results.
  • Citizen ratings of City of Clive employees were some of the highest in the nation overall.

2012 Citizen Survey Reports

2008 Survey Results

The City of Clive collaborated with ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, a marketing research firm that specializes in the administration of community-based surveys for local governmental organizations, to administer a survey to Clive residents during the fall of 2008. The survey’s purpose is to assess citizen satisfaction with the delivery of major City services and to help determine priorities for the community.  It was conducted as part of the city’s ongoing strategic plan and represents the first citywide opinion tracking study conducted for the City.

The seven-page survey was administered by mail to a random sampling of 1200 households.  513 households responded to the survey (43% response rate), and the results have a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/- 4%. The city thanks the residents who completed and returned the surveys. Their input is valuable and will be considered as the city develops its plans.

Some key results of the 2008 survey were:

  • Overall, citizens feel the city is doing an excellent job of delivering city services.  The overall satisfaction with city services rated 29% above the national average!
  • 97% of respondents rate the quality of life in Clive as excellent or good, and 96% rate Clive as an excellent or good place to raise children.
  • Clive fared very well in comparison to other cities surveyed by ETC Institute.
  • Areas of greatest satisfaction are the quality of fire and emergency medical services, the quality of water utility services, the quality of parks and recreation facilities and programs, and the quality of police services.
  • Citizens also report they are pleased with the performance of city employees with whom they have had contact.
  • Areas for improvement include maintenance of city streets and the management of traffic congestion.

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