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2018 Greenbelt Trail HMA Reconstruction Project


5/18/2018: The project area was wet early in the week from last weekend’s rains.  Grimes Asphalt was able to mobilize to the project site mid-week and begin milling operations.  The material generated is currently being hauled and placed on the new trail alignment.  Crews are expected to be on-site tomorrow (Saturday) to get as much material placed prior to more rain events forecast for later this weekend and into next week.   

5/11/2018:  Additional grading along the proposed alignment was completed this week.  Grimes Asphalt is expected to be on site next week to begin milling up the existing trail surface.  This material will be placed and compacted as subbase on the proposed alignment prior to paving the new asphalt surface.  Milling is expected to start on the east end of the project near Greenbelt Park and Porter Shelter and head west.  Additional grading will be needed on the east end of the project once the existing trail surface is removed.

5/03/2018:  Recent rains have hampered progress this week. The grading subcontractor is expected to return next week once the job site dries out. 

4/27/2018: Clearing and grubbing operations were completed earlier this week.  The grading subcontractor mobilized to the job site mid-week and started excavating along the proposed alignment.  These operations include construction of the embankment and culvert at the oxbow crossing which may be nearing completion by the end of the day today.  Grading work will continue next week as on-site conditions allow.    

4/20/2018: Wet conditions this week hindered progress.  The clearing and grubbing subcontractor is on site today removing stumps along the proposed trail alignment.  This work will continue early next week followed by the grading subcontractor moving in to begin construction and stabilization of the new trail base.

4/13/2018:  A full closure of the Greenbelt Trail between NW 114th Street and Porter Shelter is expected to be in place beginning next Monday morning, April 16th.  This will include trail connection closures to the Aquatic Center, Lincoln Avenue, Greenbelt Drive and Rio Valley Drive.  Directional signage along the detour route on NW 103rd, Clark and NW 109th Streets (see link to Project Map below) will also be in place next Monday.  Removal of tree stumps and grading operations along the proposed trail alignment will proceed once the closures are in place and site conditions allow.  

2018 Greenbelt Trail HMA Reconstruction Project

The City of Clive recently awarded a contract to Grimes Asphalt and Paving Corporation to reconstruct portions of the Greenbelt Trail between NW 114th Street and Porter Shelter in Greenbelt Park. The trail will be realigned away from Walnut Creek at several key points and repaved with 5-inches of hot mix asphalt (HMA). This project map link below shows the proposed improvements in more detail:

  • Blue Line – existing trail alignment
  • Yellow Line – proposed trail alignment
  • Red Line – detour route during construction

Other work items in the project scope include recycling the existing asphalt surface to use as subbase under the new pavement, realigning/repaving trail connections to the south at Rio Valley Drive and NW 108th Street and completing a connection between last year’s Oxbow excavation and Walnut Creek.

Work on the project is tentatively scheduled to start the week of April 16th. This approximate start date and the schedule moving forward are largely dependent on weather conditions encountered this spring. Final completion of the project is expected by mid-summer. Please continue to visit this webpage during construction for periodic updates. Questions, concerns or the need for additional information may be directed to Jim Hagelie at 223-6231 or

Project Map

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