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Clive and Urbandale to Initiate Closest Unit Response for Fire and EMS

The Cities of Clive and Urbandale announced today that they are transforming the way their fire departments respond to calls. Beginning October 3, 2017, calls for service will no longer be based on geographic city-boundaries, but will instead be responded to by the closest ambulance or fire apparatus available from either fire department.

According to Clive Fire Chief Rick Roe, “We have always had a great relationship with Urbandale. We share a training facility, a common dispatch center and we have always worked closely with each other through mutual aid and other projects and this simply takes that relationship to the next level.” The results of this collaborative effort will be that a fire truck or ambulance will reach the scene of an emergency sooner. “This is about getting help to those calling for help in the fastest manner without an artificial barrier” said Urbandale Fire Chief Jerry Holt.

The new process will dispatch the closest available unit without regard to the city in which the call is located. “There are locations within both of our cities that are closer to the neighboring city’s fire department. It is a good idea to get an ambulance or fire truck to a call for help in the quickest manner.” Chief Holt explained. “It makes no sense to make someone wait to have their call for help answered so that the city in which the call is located can respond. A great example would be a location within Urbandale on 86th Street just north of Hickman Road. Clive is closer and can respond faster to that location so why don’t we do that?” Chief Roe added “This response configuration puts the customer first. It is all about providing the best possible service regardless of location or city. Working together we can add efficiency and provide the best possible response to a call for help.”

The two fire departments spend a great deal of time working and training together. Both cities need an added fire and EMS presence in the northwestern portions of their cities and they are working together to provide cost efficient services to those areas. Urbandale residents are scheduled to vote in November on a proposed station that could provide services to both cities in that area while sharing operational costs.

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