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Clive Designated River Town of the Year

The City of Clive was pleased to accept the River Town of the Year award from Iowa Rivers Revival (IRR), a non-profit organization, today. The award was given for the City’s outstanding efforts to claim Walnut Creek as an anchor for recreation, economic development, ecological practices, and good water quality, as well as celebrating Iowa’s beauty and natural resources. 

river town of the year

IRR Founding Director Robin Fortney presents Mayor Scott Cirksena with the River of the Year award.


The River Town of the Year award has been given annually to one city in the state of Iowa since 2007. When asked, “Why is Iowa Rivers Revival honoring a Des Moines suburban creek town as River Town of the Year?” IRR’s Board Chairperson Jerry Peckumn answered, “Iowa Rivers Revival is recognizing Clive as River Town of the Year for its efforts to stabilize streambanks of Walnut Creek; adopt a watershed approach and planning with all its neighbor communities; acquire more floodplain acres to ensure adequate stream buffers and flood flow capacities; and invest $80 million in public and private funds over 25 years in a Greenbelt Master Plan, including environmental enhancements.”

Clive’s Community Development Director Doug Ollendike presented the City’s approach to managing land in the Walnut Creek Watershed during a ceremony this morning. He emphasized that downstream effects must be handled by looking upstream. Ollendike also led a field tour on Monday morning to show three successful streambank restoration and stabilization projects in the watershed. These projects were chosen for the damage and risks that prior flooding had created for infrastructure, natural habitat, and general property loss.

RTY Collage 4 3 2017

L to R: A group visits the first stop on the field tour, Ollendike presenting Clive's story, Executive Director Molly Hanson at the award ceremony


“Clive still has an eye on the future – and on Walnut Creek itself, its waters and banks, and not only the Greenbelt and flood plain beside the Creek,” Peckumn said. For an interactive e-book version of the Greenbelt Master Plan, click here.

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