For residents living on Maple Street west of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  A drinking water advisory is in effect.  The City of Clive’s Water Supply experienced a problem in the distribution system and the system lost pressure along Maple Street, West of Berkshire Parkway in Clive.  Due to the potential for bacterial contamination, it is being recommended that the water continue to be boiled before using for drinking or cooking or that an alternative source be used.  This advisory is for residents on Maple Street located west of Berkshire Parkway only.  The rest of Clive municipal water customers may continue to use their drinking water systems normally.

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  • Date: 03/29/2014 3:00 PM
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March 29   3:00 p.m.    Registration starts March 10

May 17       3:00 p.m.     Registration starts March 10

July 19       3:00 p.m.     Registration starts June 2


Are you 10 or older? Do you love to read? Join our newly formed teen/tween interest group. This group will help decide what teen programs to offer, help choose new books for the collection and more!


ed. Feel free to bring your favorite beverage. No registration required.

Movie titles to be announced closer to break time. Call the library at 453-2221 for details. 

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